Elopement Wedding Sandos Caracol Eco Resorts

12 July, 2022

Elopement Wedding Sandos Caracol

Photographer: Isidro Corona

Venue: Sandos Caracol Eco Resorts Spa

WP : caracol weddings team

Sarah and Scott’s Elopement Wedding was a blast, Sandos Caracol was the venue, beautiful color greens, a sunny day, was perfect for this amazing couple to get married in this day. I was so grateful to capture those days.

The phrase “elopement wedding” to most probably sounds like a perfect contradiction. Weddings are large celebrations, filled with seating charts, cake tastings, and everything in between. Elopements are more intimate affairs with a handful of guests and no real planning, right? Well, not necessarily. The beauty of an elopement is blending both traditional and non-traditional elements, making your day exactly what you’ve envisioned.

Planning an entire wedding can feel like a daunting commitment, but an elopement at times requires some planning, too. Where should you have your ceremony? Who should be invited? What special details should be incorporated into your day? Fortunately, there are so many options on the wedding spectrum that helps relieve some of the pressures of planning.

So; what is an elopement wedding? Eloping has often been portrayed as spur-of-the-moment, courthouse affairs, so how does that marry (pun intended) with the traditions of a conventional wedding? Below are four key elements of an elopement ceremony.